11 Genius Kickstarter Projects That You Should Get Behind

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy new gadgets, and that's basically the same thing.

Browsing Kickstarter is basically a grown-up version of being a kid in a sweetshop, with the same potential to empty your pockets and fill your soul. It's a constant rollercoaster ride of "that's such a good idea, why didn't I think of that?" and "oh my god I must have it or my life won't be worth living", albeit with a little bit of "who the hell would ever buy that?" thrown in for your entertainment. If you've ever gone through one of life's mundane tasks and thought "there must be a better way of doing this", then there's probably a Kickstarter project for it. What's more, there's probably a Kickstarter project solving problems you haven't even thought of yet and you can get in on the action before everybody else. This is great news for the early-adopter tech geeks amongst us, but bad for our bank accounts. Kickstarter campaigns are like Pringles, once you pop you really just can't stop. If you think you'll be able to exercise a bit of self control, then take a little look through our roundup of genius Kickstarter projects that caught our eye ... and get your credit card at the ready, just in case.

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