11 Seriously Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

Stay woke, y'all.

Wikipedia/Pixabay/Stevie Shephard

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having an inquiring mind full of healthy skepticism, nothing at all.

Politicians and journalists lie to us all the time, after all, and it's useful to be able to pick apart the truth from the porkies.

Unfortunately, combine that with too much internet, a dollop of boredom and maybe forgetting to take your meds, and suddenly you're living in a world where the government is literally trying to kill, maim or spy on you at every turn.

Who knows, maybe we are under the thumb of a race of secret alien overlords, maybe there is something in the water that's making us all brain-dead and compliant, but the Tin Foil Hat Brigade just make it so difficult for us to want to believe them.

That and the fact that if you even do a bit of moderate thinking for less than five minutes, most of the theories unravel faster than a wooly jumper caught on a barbed wire fence.

Okay, sometimes the conspiracy theorists get it right. The idea of the existence of Mafia started out as a conspiracy theory, as were the dangers of asbestos.

We'll give them those ones, even a stopped clock is right twice a day after all, but there are a few out there that we simply cannot and will not believe...

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