11 Most WTF Things You Can Buy On Amazon [Video]

A Yodeling Pickle. Need We say more?

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2e23t4_10-most-wtf-things-you-can-buy-on-amazon-com_fun The internet is a weird place - that much goes without saying. It's a hive of cat photographs, keyboard warriors and hardcore porn. It's very big, its very scary and it lives in your house, or in your pocket, or- scratch that, it's already infiltrated every facet of our entire lives. You can't go anywhere these days without there being some form of tether to the internet. But places like Amazon are safe, right? Your grandma shops there, she gets her knitting supplies and books. They sell Kindles, for god's sake! How messed up could Amazon really be? Well the answer is, unfortunately, 'very'. Amazon works like a marketplace, and this has allowed for a string of weird businesses to start slinging their crazy wares on a semi-legit level. And the company's ties to the publishing industry have allowed for some pretty unexplainable books to make it onto their site, where they inevitably fall into the hands of the confused public. But there are some things on Amazon for which there is just no explanation. Some items that have no fathomable reason to exist, some items that if you were gifted, you physically wouldn't know what to do with, because you sure as hell couldn't sell them on with a straight face. We're here with 11 of the main offenders!

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