12 Haunting Slash Fictions That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Perverts. Perverts everywhere.

Nate Rester



Innocence is like a vase: fragile, delicate, and terribly prone to spontaneous annihilation at the drop of a hat. And the Internet is its natural enemy. If you’ve managed to wade through years of exposure to everything the net offers with your soul intact, then there’s a good chance that this article will take that soul and put a bloody big spear right through it. Those of you with weak constitutions or a propensity for nostalgia should probably bail out of this one. You have been warned.

And for those of you who don’t know what slash fiction is, a quick recap: slash fiction is essentially a subgenre of fan fiction in the same way that torture is a subgenre of horror or dark humor is a subgenre of comedy. Slash fiction is one of the many Frankenstein’s Monsters running around the Internet: essentially any fan fiction story that sees two characters (usually male) who finally decide to throw out all pretence and embrace their wildest, most mammalian instincts in a moment of sheer, unadulterated bliss.

The “slash” part is just a way of indicating which characters are involved: for example, there are thousands of Holmes/Watson stories and undoubtedly a lot of Pinkman/Heisenberg tales spun across the web – to be honest, there’s probably some Holmes/Heisenberg out there as well. And it’s best not to slash any Harry Potter characters, because that just throws up a whole new world of depravity.

In the interest of celebrating the huge human capacity for baffling raunchiness, we’ve scoured the Internet like Dante scoured the nine circles of Hell, all in search of the most horrific slash fictions we could find. Only the darkest of the dark, the blackest of the black, the slashiest of the slash stories made the cut here. These stories are designed to cut right at the heart of your youthful memories, exposing your childhood heroes for the perverted sex-fiends they truly were.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.