12 Scariest Stephen King Books

Celebrate World Book Day with a scare.

No other horror writer has been as prolific as Stephen King or as full of fantastic ideas. From The Shining in 1977 to Under the Dome in 2008, and other titles beyond that, King has sustained an impressive oeuvre of astonishingly creepy and scary titles. He has one of the most fertile imaginations in the literary world and he writes in a matter of fact, casual way about horrific turns of event. Stephen King remain's horror fiction's most popular and celebrated writer. If his books weren't scary, nobody would buy them, for after all, a good scare is what horror fiction fans demand. King delivers the goods with ample ease churning out bone chiller after bone chiller (and some interesting non horror fiction as well). Fans tend to commit to the great horror creator as a lifelong commitment, following his earliest work through to everything that is released under his name even now (including the many, many inferior adaptations of his work). And each King fan will have their own ideas about what makes his books scary or compelling. There can be no question, however, that the following are the ones most likely to have you questioning those bumps in the night.

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