12 Unbelievable Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds

You wouldn't really think a lot could get done in 60 seconds.

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x24o5i2_12-unbelievable-things-that-happen-every-60-seconds-in-60-seconds_lifestyle Most people think of a minute as nothing. In fairness; it's 60 seconds. What could the average person possibly do in a minute that would be significant or important, or that wouldn't take 2 or 3 or 5 minutes? It's an incredibly short window of time. You wouldn't really think a lot could get done in 60 seconds. But on the other hand, what about when you're sat staring at the clock, a minute before the end of the day? In that moment, a minute is a lifetime. What about when you're stood waiting for the microwave, or slogging away, exhausted, toward the end of a lengthy stretch on the treadmill? When you're there - a minute seems to last forever. The truth is, of course, that a minute is a minute is a minute. It never changes. Only the way we perceive time throughout those 60 seconds does. It'll pass no matter what you do; sometimes it flies over, sometimes it drags. 'But it's still such a small space of time!' we hear you cry. Well prepare to have your mind suitably blown as we take you through 12 of the most unbelievable things that happen in the universe every 60 seconds. (In a conveniently short, 60 second video!)

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