12 Weird Signs You Are Far Too Close To Your Housemate

Are you guys like... related?

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If a guest enters your house for the first time will they see a huge collection of photographs featuring you and your housemate scattered on the wall? Will they see your names displayed in alphabet magnets on the fridge together? Are you both cuddled up on the sofa together under blankets? Well you might just be showing sure signs that your relationship with your housemate is close. Perhaps...too close. Moving in with your best friend is sweet but what's sweeter is when you move in with a stranger and all of a sudden you become best friends! You know each others daily routines and when you will both be in and out the house. You are an expert in their favourite foods, which is their best dish to make, how much they really drink a week, what time of day they are in the best mood and what embarrassing music they listen to behind closed doors. Both of you know Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night is box-set nights. Thursday take-away night. Friday going-out night. Saturday is family day and Sunday is sofa day. So you're not finding this all a little weird? That's okay as long as you both are comfortable...really, really comfortable. If you can tick off more than five of the below, you might just be too close to your housemate...
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