13 People You're Guaranteed To Meet Working In A Call Centre

In between the relentless calls, who are the folk who'll get you through the day?

The call centre. They€™ve been called the factories of our time, but they€™re that and so much more. They€™re the quintessential McJob of today€™s generation, swallowing new starters from every demographic, whether you watch the news, Hollyoaks, the football or pick up a book instead when you get home from work, you may well end up answering your phone on autopilot, telling your mum she€™s through to (insert formal version of your name, here) at (insert company that you now hate, here). Often, the call floor is the last refuge of the lethargic and the apathetic, the unhappy and the lonely, the lost and the meek, the foolish and the needy, alongside those genuinely trying to forge some kind of career. University degrees given equal footing to school leavers whose auntie works in recruitment. Often with a high turnover of staff, there is a near perfect cross section of society flying through those revolving doors of unfulfillment. While the average age is around 25, there is scope for the older folk and the young and naive to interact perfectly. Every trend is accounted for, every outside interest, the zeitgeist is covered perfectly, alongside that weird older gentleman who still dresses like it€™s 1987. There are few working environments that allow you to work alongside such a diverse mix, that€™s not always a good thing though, is it? If you work in one, you€™ll recognise people in this list, if you don€™t, you ARE one of the people on this list€.
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