13 Unbelievable Celebrity UFO Sightings

Describing your sighting during a Presidential debate MIGHT hurt your chances.


Unidentified flying objects are being spotted constantly. There are multiple databases that are being updated daily of people all over the world who see strange, possibly un-Earthly objects that travel through our skies.

Sadly, the overwhelming majority of these sightings will never be reported to a widespread audience. Even if the event has a moderate amount of intrigue or credibility, these accounts by ordinary individuals will go unnoticed to the masses. Perhaps if the account originated from an already well-known source, like a celebrity, it might stand a chance at garnering more attention?

Luckily, many celebrities have been eyewitness to UFOs. Unlike the common folk, their accounts have the potential to get far more attention. This is a collection of several of those. Some are highly credible while some are beyond far fetched.

Some of these accounts are worth more than a second glance, like when high level politicians or respected newspersons are making the claims. U.S. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan have both reported seeing UFOs. Other sightings, especially by those celebrities who are open about their personal history of drug use, might need to be taken with a grain of salt. But even the most fantastical claims still have the potential of being true, at least on some levels.

The following 13 famous people had their own personal experiences with UFOs. 


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