14 Things That Will Happen If You Date Someone In The Armed Forces

Your world revolves around one day: Homecoming (not Prom).

It's no secret that every man and woman in the armed forces is a hero. They dedicate their lives to protecting others and some of these brave men and women never make it home. Their sacrifice means that you get to live your life with your family and friends, doing your daily routine without the fear of your home being invaded or your life endangered. What's worse is that you probably don't even know the names of these local heroes who has given everything for your sense of 'normal.' There is no doubt that we should celebrate and thank everyone who chooses to live a life working in the armed forces, but let's not forget about the people that they leave behind at home. If your Significant Other is in the armed forces, your life will be difficult, and it's easy or everyone else to forget that you're a hero too. If your SO is deployed to the other side of the world into a war zone, there is no way that you're going to feel safe or happy until they're home. Your life turns into a countdown and you most definitely eat a lot more ice cream when they're not around. So if you're dating or are married to someone in the armed forces, prepare to fill your freezer with all of that chocolatey goodness you can, you're going to need it.

14. You'll Change The Way You Tell The Time

Instead of saying 5pm as you have done for your entire life, you might begin to notice that you're now saying seventeen hundred hours instead. "Hi sweetheart, lunch is at eleven hundred hours." "Dinner is at nineteen hundred hours." "Sex is scheduled for twenty one hundred hours. Over." "P.s bring your uniform, or your hat at the very least." Even if you get tired of saying the time differently to civilians, you're never going to get tired of seeing your partner in their uniform. It will literally never go out of fashion and always make your eyebrows try to high five your hair line.

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