15 Little Frustrations Chronically Impatient People Will Understand

If you're someone who wants to skewer that slow walker in front, come on in.

Waiting: it's a concept with which everyone is familiar. Between school, work, private life, and the routes between them, each day is full of moments where one must wait, and for the average person it isn't so bad. Sure, waiting might get a bit tedious, but at most it's just a bump in road; minor inconveniences are, well, minor. With the power of patience, that glorious ability to not let hindrances get you down, a person can endure the tedium without much complaint and move forward with life. But that's the average person. What if you're not someone with a generous supply of patience? What if in fact, you have only a meagre amount of the virtue? In other words, what if you are chronically impatient? For an impatient person, common words like "slow," "delay," and, of course, "waiting" become words that ruin your day and any given action can easily be That Thing That Takes Too Long. In fact, any moment can quickly go from being an regular, everyday experience to The Veritable Worst Thing Ever. Impatient people have to get used to their blood boiling and fists clenching in reaction to even the slightest inconvenience while all the lucky, patient folk remain untroubled. If patience is a virtue, impatience is undoubtedly a curse.

15. When, By All Logical Thought, The Kettle Should Be Boiling But Still Isn't

They say a watched pot never boils but you've sworn to watch this insubordinate pot until it gets its act together. Why is it taking so bloody long? You've done your part in putting the water in the kettle and the kettle on the stove, so why won't it boil? Why is there no magic button to make heat hotter? Maybe the wrathful energy emanating from your eyes as you stare down the pot will be enough to force it to boil. At this point, you'd be willing to sit there with a hairdryer trained on the kettle in hope that its meagre heat will bring the water to an appropriate temperature. An impatient person can only dream of such miracles.

College kid with an affinity for sarcasm and sleeping too much.