16 Problems Only People From Madison Wisconsin Will Understand

The word "problem" is used pretty loosely here.

I'm sure that everyone says this about their city, but there's just nothing quite like living in Madison. And that's not just local pride talking, either. Madison is constantly ranked at or near the top of the list when it comes to The Best Places To Live In the US. Why? The real question is why would you even ask that? Bucky Badger, Babcock ice cream, Concerts on the Square, Olbrich Gardens, The Onion, the bike paths, the festivals, the insane abundance of craft beer and bars! But hey, you don't need the full list of why Madison is so special because you live that list every damn day as a proud Madisonian. Still, despite the overall amazingness that is Madison, Wisconsin, it's not entirely perfect. (It's just so damn near perfect that we can easily overlook any small issues the city may have.) You love this city with all of your heart and soul, but that doesn't mean you don't encounter a few challenges from time to time. For instance...

16. So Many Beer Tastings...So Little Time

Believe it or not, there are still a few weeks out of the year that do not feature a beer fest within 30 miles of Madison. It's true. It's a travesty, but it's true. Not to worry, though, because any "off" weeks probably have some sort of cheese or wine (or cheese and wine) tastings you can attend. With so many available, that means you'll have to make some tough decisions throughout the year. That is if you want to spend your money on literally any other type of event.
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