17 Insane World Records You Won't Believe Exist

Deadly feats of athleticism, abnormal bodies and hilariously obscure talents!

It's no secret that us humans like to push ourselves to the very limits. Whether it's out of a sense of discovery, recognition, or just self-achievement, everyone has their own records they're trying to beat. It might be an attempt at beating your best running time around the block, besting your high score in a video game, or just something simple, like seeing how long you can go without caffeine. For some people, becoming a world record holder is a life ambition. The Guinness World Records helped to bring the idea of 'world's best...' to fame, allowing for hundreds of thousands of crazy records that you probably weren't even aware of. It goes far beyond sporting and athletic achievements, with record certificates being handed out for anything from abnormal body features to culinary achievements. This list takes a look at 17 absolutely insane world records. From dangerous jugglers to incredibly niche talents that you've likely never heard of, everyone here has earned their right to be considered the world's greatest... at something, anyway.
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