17 Shocking Celebrity Deaths

"It's been a long day, without you my friend."

Whenever someone dies, it's never going to be a pleasant experience because your life will never be the same again... even if that person is a stranger. You can become withdrawn, lost and deeply saddened when you find out the tragic news that one of your role models has passed away. You may never have met them and they might have been completely ignorant of your existence, but that doesn't mean that they weren't a part of your life. Whenever one of your favourite celebrities dies, it can hurt. But the good news to take from this pain is that there are thousands of other people hurting just like you across the world. This is the time where you need to unite with others who have also lost something and, even if you don't know them, you can comfort one another with your lose and celebrate the life of someone who impacted you in such a positive way. Whether you feel like you've lost a part of your childhood or your favourite musician has died and you'll never be able to hear any new material from them, it can hit you hard. The great thing about being a part of the public eye is that their work will continue to unite generations and it will always attracts new fans; so you can take comfort in the fact that their work and their legend will live on. Whether you'll be hearing their songs on the radio or watching their movies, it'll feel like they haven't really gone and you can continue to appreciate their talent and their achievements. Last week, the world was saddened by the news that Sir Christopher Lee had passed away at the grand age of 93. Rest in peace you marvellous man. Alongside Lee, there are other celebrities who have passed away that you doubt you'll ever truly get over.

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