18 School Kids Who Are Totally Nailing This Yearbook Thing

Like high school bosses.

For most people, the yearbook is little more than a collection of outdated fashion, unflattering haircuts, braces, and acne. There might be a few happy memories thrown in but, for the most part, yearbooks are just archaic institutions and instruments of tradition and embarrassment in later life. But, for some, the yearbook is a vessel of infinite possibility. It's the perfect place to express yourself, to mess with your peers, to tell the perfect joke, or to commit your "coolness" to the ages. There are the kids who eschewed traditional quotes with a firm and creative hand, instead opting for the transcription of a sound effect or the semi-nonsensical lyrics of a hit song. Some kids took the chance to make a tribute to their forever friends, or to conspire with those friends to deliver a one-two punch of awesomeness. There are also the kids who finally found the opportune moment to say what they'd always wanted to say, whether it be a declaration of personal awesomeness or an exasperated message to those around them. There is truly no denying it: these kids are killing it.

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