18 Things All Myspace Addicts Know To Be True

"Why have you moved me to number 3 on your friends list?"

Although the days of Myspace are long behind you, when you stop to have a little think back to your digital adolescence you remember your teenage angst plastered and projected across former social media accounts - you also can't help but smile and recall some fond memories. You were part of a world where guyliner was a thing and if you didn't wear it, you weren't cool; My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy lyrics so aptly described how you were feeling, and your new-found online community really understood you. You would spend all day with your friends at school and you couldn't wait to get home just so you could talk to them online about what had happened that day. You would literally repeat the same gossip over and over again until your mum needed to use the house phone, so you had to come off the internet so she could plug the landline back in. Teenagers these days will not understand the struggles that all of you Myspace addicts went through and that is very unfair - kids these days are definitely missing out.
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