20 Things You're Doing That Are Actually Against The Law

Holy sh*t, you’ve actually been a criminal mastermind this entire time...


On the whole, laws are a brilliant idea. For example, it’s probably good that we’re encouraged not to kill each other or steal each other’s stuff through fear of being punished by the courts. That being said, at some point some jobsworth got it into his head that a rug shouldn’t be shaken outside on a Sunday and then a bunch of other idiots shortly followed suit.

As exclaimed by George Chapman in 1654 - and then later, more famously paraphrased by Dickens in Oliver Twist - “the law is such an ass,” a quote that applies as much now as it did then. Well, to take this quote just slightly out of context - as to not do it a total disservice - we’ve pressed our tongues to the inside of our cheeks and taken a look at some of the more ridiculous laws from across the world that still stand to this day.

20. Chewing Gum


Yes, you read that correctly. If you've gone to Singapore to kick ass and chew gum, then it's lucky that you're all out of gum because it's against the country's law except for medical reasons.

That said, any kind of medical reason that requires slapping your chops to a tropical fruit Bubbalicious is beyond us.

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