20 Unbelievable Facts Every Ginger Person Should Know

We're not vampires. We have souls. And we aren't angry and sexual all the time.

Redheaded people are a rarity in the world, and their genetic makeup allows them advantages over non-gingers as well as disadvantages, which is a significant boost to anyone who has ever been on the sharp end of years of teasing and name-calling. Inevitably, there are also plenty of misconceptions and stereotypes about redheaded people that have led to taunting and even violence and mistrust throughout history. Though ginger teasing is seen as harmless, at times it has caused real and serious damage to redheads around the world, and it needs to cease, as it is nothing short of bigotry against a class of people who have had it hard over the years. It's time to claim back the fire, and stand loud and proud as a ginger, pushing away the ridiculous claims that gingers are vampires, or devil-spawn, or just plain more angry and sexual (a worrying combination) that have followed ginger people everywhere. Next time you're confronted by an ignorant ginger-phobe, point them in the direction of these facts, and let's break down the walls of gingerism through knowledge, sharing and love.

20. Ireland Does Not Have The Most Gingers

Many people assume that gingers are as prevalent in Ireland as Red Sox fans in Fenway Park, but this simply is not the case. While Ireland has one of the highest concentrations of redheads in the world, we only make up about 10% of the population. The highest concentration is actually in Scotland, at about 13%. By comparison, the United States has anywhere from 2 to 5 % gingers. However, 5% of the US population is actually more gingers than 13% of Scots. For some reason, "redhead" and "Irish" have become synonymous. Maybe it's because everyone assumes that all redheads are short-tempered and fiery, which makes them assume they are Irish.
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