20 Unbelievable Facts Every Ginger Person Should Know

19. Gingers Are Mutants

Most gingers know that there are certain stereotypes associated with our hair color. Feisty, fiery, and hot-tempered are all things that we are accused of being. The redheaded protagonist of Anne Of Green Gables is described this way by the narrator when she says: "her temper matches her hair." And now, thanks to South Park, you can add "vampire" to the list of things we are accused of being. But the truth is far cooler - at least, if you like the X-Men, anyway - as we are mutants. The gene that causes red hair, which is recessive, comes from the MC1R, which is a genetic mutation. There are many things that we are not, but mutants is on the list of things that we actually are. This may or may not come with special mutant powers.
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