21 Problems Only Dancers Will Understand

19. Forking Over Ridiculous Amounts Of Money For One-Purpose Shoes

If you tell someone you recently paid £75 for a pair of shoes, they'd probably assume that you'd bought a nice pair of boots or something. Little do they know that these £75 shoes are pretty much useless in the non-dance world and come with more rules and restrictions than you could ever imagine: don't walk on asphalt, don't get them wet, try not to scuff them, wear tights so they don't start to smell, and so on. The icing on the cake is that, no matter the type of shoe, you'll probably have to buy new ones in just a few months time. Sorry, wallet.

18. Wearing Stage Make-Up In Public

Inside the theatre, wearing more make-up than Heath Ledger's Joker is completely acceptable. After all, you have to absolutely cake yourself in the stuff to actually be seen from the audience. However, outside theatre walls, stage make-up has a much different connotation. Rather than seeing bright red lipstick and eyes ringed in shadow as perfectly appropriate, people assume that you either have no clue how make-up works or take part in some less-than-savory professions - and boy is it awkward. But a dancer's gotta do what a dancer's gotta do.
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