22 Common Misconceptions You've Always Believed (Until Now)

2. You Can Catch A Cold From Cold Weather

The Winter War

We€™'re always told to dress warm for the winter lest we catch a cold. But despite the name, cold weather has nothing to do with the virus we call the €œcommon cold.€ Cold weather causes us to stay indoors more, and the enclosed setting increases the chances of coming into contact with an infection. Basically it€™s people that make us sick, not the weather.

1. We Only Use 10% Of Our Brains

Scarlett Johansson Lucy
Universal Pictures

This irritating misconception remains ingrained in popular culture to this very day, as referenced in films such as Lucy, Limitless, and Inception. But we do use 100% of our brain throughout every day of our lives; it€™s just that certain areas are used for specific functions at any given time. When you think about it, it wouldn't make much sense for 90% of our brain to be useless meat.

Can you think of any other common misconceptions? Let us know in the comments!

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