4 Mystery Crime Riddles You (Probably) Won't Solve

Put your brain through its paces.

WhatCulture has today launched a brand new partner website, MindFruit.

As its name implies, MindFruit is all about putting your brain through its daily paces, with fresh and original video content specially designed to get you thinking.

Whether it's painstaking puzzles, brilliant brain-teasers or eye-popping trivia, MindFruit's team of geniuses have lovingly crafted a host of challenges against which you and your friends can test your wits.

Mindfruit Logo

So, if you fancy yourself as a movie buff, or think you've got what it takes to forge a career as a hot-shot criminal detective, head on over to the newly-launched YouTube channel now and hit the subscribe button.

MindFruit has already began uploading never-before-seen videos (are you sure that Sean Connery was really the first James Bond?), with new content to be added every single week.

We can't quite guarantee that it will help boost your IQ but, like any other muscle, the brain needs regular work-out sessions to stay in tip-top shape.

If you like, you can even put the videos on in the background while you're at work. We're not going to tell anyone.

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