4 Reasons Why Universal Orlando Rules Christmas

Even the Grinch can't take away the Christmas spirit at Universal Orlando


For a number of years Universal Orlando Resort has been the undisputed home of Halloween; Halloween Horror Nights and its terrifying icons and houses becoming synonymous with the ghoulish season. This year however, it was Universal's mission to have the same success with the Christmas period, aiming their park to become just as iconic a part of the festive season as baubles and tinsel.

2016 sees the 15 year anniversary of the Universal and Macy's Holiday Parade coming together and with a couple of floats and balloons making their first ever appearance at the park, this year's parade has just become bigger and better than ever.

Universal's favourite mascot of the holiday season is back too. The Grinch from Mount Crumpit and his four legged buddy Max return, with plans to steal all of the Who's presents this Christmas .

Of course if you get tired of the parks and need a relaxing break, Universal's resort hotels are waiting with a warm hug of holiday cheer as you walk through the door.

It doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice, there are treats galore at Universal...


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