4 Ways The World Could End In Your Lifetime (And 3 Ways We Can Stop It)

How do you avert an apocalypse?

asteroid impact

In our world of routine drudgery, concrete tower blocks and seemingly never ending episodes of The Big Bang Theory, it feels as though life the universe and everything in it is in a state of relative permanency. There is a possibility, however, that everything could change at any moment.

As uneventful as life can be, waking up to the apocalypse would be infinitely worse, and the apocalypse comes in many flavours. There are some that could happen in a moment, so suddenly that you might not even have time to contemplate the end of everything. Others, however, would creep up on us slowly but surely and, by the time we can see the threat, it's already too late.

There are some who even think that this may have already happened.

It could be that the world ends with the deafening bang of a gamma ray burst, or the feeble whimper of climate change, but either way, there would be nothing that neither you nor I could do about it. Luckily for us, though, there are some Very Clever People that are working on solutions to the various threats posed by the universe, and could someday save all of our asses.

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