4 Ways To Stay Occupied Between The Blockbusters

Iron Man 3 is a couple of weeks old now and everybody is in a lather over the end credits…

Damien Filbert



Iron Man 3 is a couple of weeks old now and everybody is in a lather over the end credits and the potential for a new Hulk movie (we can all agree that Mark Ruffalo is a far superior Hulk to Edward Norton, right?). Star Trek Into Darkness will most likely result in the same level of fervor (if the Romulans show up do you think Wil Wheaton will do most of background Romulan voices this time around as well?).

And so it begins: the summer blockbuster season where we all go crazy and debate the morals of super heroes, people who drive cars really fast, favorite beloved characters and their emotional arcs and whether or not Kevin Costner will really be the best father of Superman yet.

But what do you do between these releases? Sure you want to see the movies over and over again. We’re nerds and geeks—our ability to watch movies dozens of times is famous. But that’s expensive. So what other options are out there for summer entertainment?


Don’t forget about the lost art of television. Game of Thrones is still going strong. Boardwalk Empire is slated to come back this year. Amazon has a bunch of pilot shows you can check out and even vote on for production. You can watch TV shows online through all sorts of different portals.

Online Video

Have you checked out the Geek and Sundry YouTube Channel? Yes, we all know that YouTube has started paid channels but Geek and Sundry got in ahead of the curve and is making its content available for free. The channel is helmed by the always fan-worthy Felicia Day (of Guild, Eureka and Supernatural fame) and features a bunch of great programming.

The most popular show on the channel is probably TableTop—a show in which Wil Wheaton and a bunch of fantastic guests play through a board or card game. The show is the inspiration behind International TableTop Day (which happened a couple of months ago).

Another great show (which is definitely not safe for work or children) is called Learning Town. Learning Town features the always funny Paul and Storm and a variety of fantastic supporting cast members.


Why not spend some time outside? Go for a bike ride, go for a walk and listen to a podcast or two. You undoubtedly need to listen to the Nerdist (and watch his show on the BBC). Marc Maron’s WTF is definitely not suited toward the younger kids but is also definitely worth listening to. RoderickOn is another great podcast that will make you laugh and think (sometimes even at the same time).


John Scalzi’s latest hardcover was released on May 14. You might remember him from his other successes (Old Man’s War and, most recently, the massively popular Redshirts). And, of course, you can always check out the Song of Ice and Fire books (the source material for Game of Thrones) or any of the fantastic graphic novels that are out there.

So, really, there are all sorts of ways you can entertain yourself. The great thing about each of these suggestions is that they will lead you to even more sources of entertainment for the summer.