5 Animated Short Films That Will Leave You Speechless

5. Hate For Sale - Anna

Anna Eijsbouts

When I read the words “Neil Gaiman” “poetry” and “animation” in the same sentence, I was pretty much hooked from the off.

Gaiman manages to explore social pressures in his works in such a way that they are both inviting and repugnant at the same time and here, with the excellent animation skills of Anna Eijsbouts, “Hate For Sale” becomes a brilliant example of our ignorance and callousness towards those in need.

It tells a story of a million stories, about how the media spins hatred as a sales pitch, and how it’s so much easier to buy into an ideal of blaming others so that you don’t have to give up any of your life’s stockpile. The layered paper cutouts propose that we are all incredibly shallow, and the lack of detail in the people further that we are all easily led by hatred.

Not a pleasant message, but one delivered in such an on the nose way that we all stand to be more aware of it in the future.

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