5 Board Game Characters That Need Backstories

Forget Mr Moneybags, which board game characters need a deeper persona piecing together?

Clue Colonel Mustard

The hipster board game renaissance is well and truly underway; simply mentioning Monopoly will have you laughed out of most East London pubs.

There are hundreds of great new games rapidly growing in popularity, each with their own unique theme and game world. But whilst video games can spend hours creating vast lore-filled worlds and developing rich and deep characters, the same is not true of their analogue board based cousins.

Sometimes, a vaguely humanoid wooden piece is not enough to form any sort of emotional bond to. Consider Cluedo. Do you actually care that it was Colonel Mustard who went on a lead piping battering rampage? Not really, because you don't have any idea what Colonel Mustard is truly like. There was no cut-scene detailing his honourable military service. No flashback explaining why he decided dressing in yellow to compliment his surname would be a good idea. No time is spent getting to know the real Colonel.

So for all the fun there is to have playing a board game, there are some characters who, after you take a step back, could really do with some fleshing out.

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