5 Doomsday Predictions We Can Look Forward To (And 3 In The Distant Future)

Asteroids, super volcanoes, and the Antichrist... 


Humanity is obsessed with its own end.

Outlandish guesses, observations from the stars, and interpretations of religious texts all seem to lead to predictions of when exactly the end of the world will befall us.

It's apparent that predicting the end of the world has become big business. Hollywood uses doomsday theories to create impressive blockbuster disaster films and religious leaders use them to attract flocks of faithful to their churches. Science articles also regularly talk about the impact we all have on our planet and when the strangulation point will come, as well as occasionally dropping terrifying news of mega-asteroids heading towards us.

It's enough to ruin your day, quite frankly.

As far back as man has been recording history, threats of “the end is nigh” can be found. Luckily, so far, none of these apocalyptic claims have come to fruition. But as we head into the uncharted future have science or religion uncovered an apocalypic event that will bring the end of days?

And if so, will it strike during our lifetime or generations down the road?

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