5 Insane Sci-Fi Ideas Of The Space Age

Wacky, weird, and out of this world.

[Public Domain] Wikimedia Commons

For hundreds of years, humans have looked to the future, wondering what wonders and amazement it will bring us. Following World War II, a new age of optimism and dreams began afresh.

Jetpacks, robots, and so much more have all inspired countless pieces of entertainment. Though these ideas were mere fantasy to the science-fiction authors of the time, actual scientists were busily squirreling away on making them a reality.

What if instead of cleaning your home and baking your dinner, your friendly robot could handle it and all other household amenities? What if your car ran on nuclear energy and gas refills were a thing of the past? What if you left the Earth itself for your extravagant new home in outer space?

These were the questions that authors and scientists pondered in the golden age of futurism - the 1950s and '60s.

As the Cold War raged on, new world fairs showed the technology of the future - the so called "World of Tomorrow." Of course, these ideas ranged from prosaic and practical, to downright insane. Some came to fruition - many others remained a glint in the eye of a dreamer.


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