5 Insane Sci-Fi Ideas Of The Space Age

5. Everyday Jetpacks


Today's methods of traveling are quicker, cheaper, and more comfortable than perhaps ever before, but they are largely similar to transportation of the past. Planes, trains, automobiles, and boats still dominate travel. In the 1950s, scientists and writers pictured numerous futuristic sources of movement. Monorails, rockets, and transcontinental trains were the image of the futuristic utopia that awaited humanity. However, none of these ideas are as crazy - or fun - as jetpacks.

Personal and fast, jetpacks enticed and excited tons of science fans who were eager to latch one on their backs and fly like Superman. Thoughts of personal human flight amazed millions and this new technology seemed closer than ever before.

The first jetpacks were developed in the 1950s, capable of heights of 33 feet and distances of 21 seconds. The US Military funded future projects and in 1961, the technology was shown before President Kennedy. While tests were successful, the US decided against continuing the program and the jetpack never developed further.

Today, jetpacks are mostly past ideals and plans that never came to be, much like other futurism ideas of the space age. However, there are a few attempts at this technology in the modern era, with the first modern jetpacks arriving on the market at the cost of $200,000 to $250,000.


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