5 Social Media Sins That Are Committed Every Day

Over the past decade, social media has become more and more prominent in our lives, and allows us to share...

Sean Mills



Over the past decade, social media has become more and more prominent in our lives, and allows us to share photos and messages with our friends, meaning that we are closer than ever before to the people in our lives. Social media is no doubt a good thing when it’s used properly, but recently I’ve started to notice a few trends that annoy me, just little things that I see on the likes of Facebook and Twitter that are really starting to get on my nerves. This article aims to look at these problems that various people contribute to on Facebook and Twitter, and dream of a day when social media is a peaceful place, one that is not full of people clogging up your news feed with their pointless updates and constantly posting pictures of their kids.

Many things annoy me at present in regards to social media, such as people posting pictures of their food and people using a ridiculous amount of hashtags for pointless words, but for this article I have managed to whittle it down to just 5 points. Anyway, enough of me ranting for now, let’s get on with the list, starting with a minor irritation from the world of Facebook…

5. Game Requests


Seriously, what is going through your head when you click to invite friends? Does this actually work? Does anybody actually think “oh, Dave invited me to play <insert pointless game>, I might actually give that a go”? The only thing inviting me to play is likely to do is remove you from my friends list. If I’m already playing the game and you are inviting me to do something on that particular game, then fine, that’s acceptable; I’m already playing the game out of choice and your invite is good for both parties, but if you’re inviting me to start playing, the only thing you’re achieving is giving me another pointless notification.