5 Things You Need To Know About Andy McNab's Street Soldier

A new thriller from the king of military fiction.

Bursting on to the literary scene with his candid, visceral, and frankly incredible number one best seller Bravo Two Zero in 1993, Andy McNab has gone on to become one of the most recognisable and revered authors of the last 25 years. Always insightful and forthright, he followed his early success up with a number of non-fiction knockouts that recount the different encounters and tours of duty which McNab experienced while serving on the front line of the British Military in Iraq and Syria among other places over a 22 year career in the SAS.

Being able to draw on experience of his harsh upbringing as an orphan in an unflinching and ruthless inner city area of London coupled with what he has seen throughout a distinguished military career, McNab has progressed in to the world of fiction, developing characters and story lines that successfully tow the line between delivery of exhilarating narrative and maintaining a gritty sense of realism. He has already had a highly successful Young Adult series – the Liam Scott Trilogy – and this month sees him launch what is sure to be his next big success – Street Soldier.

The story follows tearaway teen Sean Harker; a young lad growing up in London who like so many finds the allure of gang violence and crime all too tempting. When the army offers the opportunity to break way from a life destined to be spent as a career criminal, Sean decides that it could well be the one chance he has of finding purpose and redemption. Deployed on to the streets of London to fight a new threat never seen before however, Sean realises that this could also be the biggest challenge and fight of his life yet.

Street Soldier is out on hardback and Kindle now
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To give more on an insight in to what to expect from Street Solder we've broken down 5 things you need to know about the book...


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