5 Things You Should Know About Nuclear Fallout

It's really not like the game at all...

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The more you read about them the more you realise nukes suck.

The other thing you tend to notice is that nuclear arms and power really tend to divide people. For every person that claims that nuclear weapons act as a deterrent you will have another person arguing that they're not worth it. And both claims are understandable, but they tap into a genuine problem: the majority of people on both sides don't wholly know what they're talking about.

And that's OK, because most people tend to associate nuclear weapons with the feeling after seeing video of a mushroom cloud - it's only human to respond emotionally. When you talk about a nuclear event you're talking about the fusion or fission of atoms, the smallest individual particles possible exchanging even smaller bits of themselves and in doing so fundamentally changing themselves into an entirely different material.

It's the closest humanity has come to achieving pure alchemy; and though we want to use this power for good, we've done – and have the capacity to continue to do – some pretty abominable things with it.

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