6 Big Predictions For Universal Studios Hollywood's Mystery Announcement

Big news is about to come, but what will it be?


Over recent years Universal Studios have expanded and updated around 75% of its west coast park. Some of the bigger improvements have come in the form of a Simpson's land and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmede, showing Universal's aggressiveness in improving its parks.

Earlier this week word got out that on June 21st, Universal Studios Hollywood would be sharing some BIG news about their park...

Universal Studios Hollywood will be taking to their YouTube channel at 7:30am Pacific time on Tuesday to inform fans all about what they have planned. But what exactly will they announce?

There's no indication yet as to what they will be sharing, which has led to rabid discussion online amongst the fan community over what Universal could be hinted at.

Here are 6 things that we think might be coming soon to the entertainment capital of LA...


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