6 Men Who Weren't Afraid To Be Themselves

Find Your Magic with Lynx

Whether we like it or not, many if not most of the social expectations that are put on us are ones which are defined by our gender. From the moment we’re born the colours we’re associated with, the toys we’re bought, and the career ambitions instilled within us are often skewed by the stereotypically pigeon holed conceptions ingrained by the world around us. As adults this trend has only continued, to the point where some people feel trapped by what society expects them to be, or are unaware that they can be so much more. But this doesn’t have to be so.

Male grooming brand Lynx have launched a new campaign – Find Your Magic - that looks to empower men to express their individuality, and to not feel judged by others for being themselves. Teaming up with UFC hard man Nick Osipczak and Vice Sports, they have taken an exclusive look at the MMA fighter’s hobbies and interests away from the octagon.

More known for his physical toughness and formidable stature and brawn, Osipczak values his mental resilience and power of concentration just as highly. In the video he speaks passionately about being able to connect with nature, and the strength he draws from the different forces that connect living things with the environment around them. This in no small part is attributed to his long-term admiration of the ancient art of Tai Chi.

If Osipczak’s interest in spirituality isn’t potentially surprising in itself, he is also starting to make quite a name for himself as a painter. Often drawing shapes and patterns inspired by those same metaphysical themes, he champions the process of painting in its ability to focus the mind and give constant concentrating and care to one point.

You can catch the short documentary with Nick Osipczak in the video above, or head over to Lynx Facebook page for more info.

We thought we'd take a look at some of the men throughout recent history who embody the spirit of individuality, and never been satisfied to simply conform to what was expected of them. Inspiring, brave, and demonstrating a great sense of self - these people show how important it is to be yourself....

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