6 Ridiculous Presents Celebrities Got Their Kids

Because while you got a treehouse, these kids got one covered in diamonds. And ponies.

How does it make you feel knowing Suri Cruise has a wardrobe worth more money than you will make in your lifetime? The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is just one of many celebrity children who enjoy being spoiled rotten off their doting multi-millionaire parents. Without a hint of envy or bitterness bordering on anger (ok, that's a lie), WhatCulture has taken a look at some of the presents that celebrity kids have been gifted .... and the results are truly stunning. The amounts of 0's we've seen on the end of numbers has left our eyes watering €“who knew that some of these gift types even existed?! Prepare to behold a world of unrestrained splendour, a world in which a burger bar at the bottom of the garden is standard and a world in which diamond studding is a must for toys. This generation of celebrity children gives new meaning to the phrase "spoiled rotten." Click next for our first shocking case of ridiculous presents for kids...
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