7 Best Walt Disney World Related YouTube Channels

1. The Tim Tracker

Tim and Jenn Tracker are daily vloggers who detail their lives on YouTube. Starting back in 2009, their initial vlogs didn't really cover the theme parks. Now Tim and Jenn spend much of their days in at Walt Disney World and the other Orlando theme parks.

The couple love to try out all the new experiences the Walt Disney World has to offer, as well as other places in the Orlando area. Not just content with checking out Disney, Universal and Sea World; they often check out some places that the average tourist might miss out on. The Orlando Science Centre and Medieval Times are places they have visited recently.

Unfortunately Jenn has been missing from a quite a few of the vlogs in recent months, due to their dog Bandit being sick.

What makes Tim and Jenn so great is that they are just a relatable couple with a positive outlook. Their vlogs always look for the good things, even if they didn't particularly enjoy an experience.

Let me know some of your favourite Disney YouTube channels below, I'm always on the lookout for a new channel to enjoy.

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