7 Exciting Upcoming Attractions At Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris will soon be the home of Marvel

Captain America Disneyland Paris

There are some huge changes coming to Disneyland Paris, you could say that the transformation will be out of this world!

Earlier this year Disney announced they would be spending €2 billion to transform Paris' Walt Disney Studios Park with three brand new lands opening. Get ready to join Iron Man, Chewbacca and Olaf as they all find brand new homes in Disneyland Paris.

As well as the new lands, concept art shows that a brand new lake will change the entire shape of the theme park. It's an exciting time to be a regular to Disney's Paris parks.

The multi-year expansion will be opening in phases with the first one rolling out in 2021 but if you can't wait that long there are some MARVELous things coming much sooner.

Lets take a look at all the fun things that are coming to Disneyland Paris...


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