7 Medical Conditions That Seem Supernatural

Creepy illnesses that might explain your weird uncle.

In a world of seemingly unexplainable events, behaviours and illnesses, science and scientists have worked diligently in an attempt to discover the truth behind life€™s mysteries. Over the years, explanations have been proffered and proven for volcanoes, tornados, eclipses, menstruation, twins and a plethora of diseases. Of the vast array of medical conditions that impact humans, some are so rare or unbelievable that they seem to be a result of supernatural causes and for some years were actually believed to be.

Though science has mostly discovered the causes of the seven diseases below, and continues to research and help the victims of them, it is easy to see how one could interpret them incorrectly, particularly in ancient times. It is also easy to see how these illnesses could have contributed to the beliefs associated with common supernatural folklore, like those of vampires and werewolves. Some of these illnesses even affect the way the afflicted persons perceive themselves, adding to the overall supernatural feelings associated with the conditions.

From alien abductions to vampires, these seven medical conditions seem to have supernatural causes, but in reality, they€™re caused by the dysfunction of the human body, which is the strangest being of all.

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