7 Times 'Modern Alternative Mama' Was So Stupid She Was Dangerous

No Science, No Sense and No Scruples.

Modern Alternaitve Mama

Science, (bless her sexy heart) has given me a false sense of security that the world is filled with a large percentage of rational intelligent people who deserve nothing more than love and praise for not making me rip out my toe hair one-by-one with tweezers. You know, those super sensitive hairs on the tops of your toes? Pull one out, I dare you.

Was I lulled into a false sense of security? Yes, I was. Was I in denial that the world could not get any more insane than David Wolfe and his sexual deer antlers? Yes, I was. Just when I think I have hit the bottom floor of the crazy hotel, I find a secret crazy basement parking area that has aluminum foil over the security cameras so the government can’t invade your thoughts.

Today we’re going to meet Kate Tietje, who goes by the pen-name “Modern Alternative Mama”, a stay at home mummy blogger, a promoter of "unschooling" your children, a Young Earth Creationist, God Warrior and Quiverfull member who rejects all modern science and technology except Facebook, which she uses to scare you about vaccines, the Vitamin K shot, regular bathing, toothpaste, sunscreen, toilet paper and, doctors:

“Many doctors think they can intervene and do a better job than God. Instead, tell them you believe God created us perfectly and we don’t need these interventions in almost any case to continue to be perfect. God gave us all the medicine we need all around us, which Chinese medicine and other natural healing takes advantage of.”

Not joking.

Welcome to the Land That Science Forgot. Free admission. Hold onto your brains, we’re going in.

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