7 Worst Wrestling Moments Of The Week (April 9)

A Match Only The Boogeyman Could Love.

Sami Zayn

So long Undertaker. Thanks for the memories.

No doubt did The Dead Man appear in many, many “worst” of moments throughout his career (hanging the Big Bossman, dying and going to heaven at Royal Rumble 94, trying to carry Kronik to a non-terrible match), but I’ve been watching the dude since I was six, and dammit, if this really is it then I’m going to miss all his supernatural nonsense! Take care Taker.

Well, a lot went down in wrestling this week. WrestleMania alone was seven hours long, which is at least three hours too many (seriously, you could have watched Titanic back-to-back in the time it took to watch 'Mania). Shinsuke Nakamura finally arrived on the main roster so someone could finally end the reign of terror brought forth by The Miz. I mean the dude hadn't been defeated in two days. Someone had to do it. And Roman Reigns had the f-word shouted at him more times in one minute than most people experience in a lifetime. Seriously, with 20,000 people chanting it, that's a lot of f***s to deal with.

I usually try to include Impact here with a slide or too, but there was so much of WWE this week and nothing overly awful on Impact that I'm going to give them a pass. I guess I could write an entire slide about Josh Mathews being terrible, or I could just say "Josh Mathews was terrible" and leave it at that for now.

Now let's not waste any more time. Pull out your violin, and let's play our way through wrestling's seven worst moments of the week!


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