8 Bizarre Psychological Disorders Affecting Modern Man

We might have wiped out smallpox but much stranger things are taking its place.

The human race has come a long way in the past 100,000 years. Gone are the days of the hunter-gatherer (unless you€™re spending your gap year with some sort of Amazonian tribe) but there€™s no denying that our modern way of life carries with it its own hardships. Sure, you€™re significantly less likely to encounter a sabre-toothed tiger on your way to the corner shop than your ancestors were on their way to the berry bush but they didn€™t have to deal with the debilitating information overload of the digital age. That's not even an exaggeration; Glasgow researchers recently reported the existence of Busy Lifestyle Syndrome, which is a form of amnesia brought about by constant social media bombardment. Our species€™ wonderful inventiveness may have allowed us to give polio the boot but it seems there€™s no stopping brand new disorders from developing within our own heads. This article contains a whole host of weird and wonderful psychological conditions that have crept into existence in the past few decades all thanks to humanity€™s unique and insatiable desire for culture, technology, travel and social interaction. You€™ll be locking yourself in the attic before you can so much as fashion yourself a tinfoil hat.
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