8 Eerie Final Interviews Dead Celebs Gave

8. Joan Rivers

Peter Kramer/AP/Press Association Images

Joan Rivers was one of the most important figures in comedy for women. She broke down barriers of all varieties, proving that not only could women be just as funny as men, but they could be just as dirty when it was called for.

As an octogenarian with a penchant for brutal honesty, Joan Rivers wasn't going to BS anybody about her life expectancy, least of all a reporter for Style Magazine. So it should come as no surprise that in her final interview, Rivers was open to plainly discussing death.

What's a little eerie, however, is how appropriately weary she was of her own Grim Reaper, which would come in the form of a botched surgery on her vocal cords. Rivers jokingly talked about how much she hounded any potential anesthesiologists before they operated on her, asking them "Who are you and when did you have your last glass of wine?"

A mere 12 hours or so later, Rivers stopped breathing during her surgery and would never wake back up.

Adding to the eeriness, Rivers also talked about preparing her daughter, Melissa, for the eventuality of her death, warning her that "It's coming" and "It's inevitable."

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