8 Major Misconceptions About Down’s Syndrome - From A Parent Who Had Them

1. No More 'Suffering'


The heart of the Icelandic termination tale highlighted the single biggest issue with the increased emphasis on Down's Syndrome screening and the potential damage it could do to society at large.

By proffering the possibility of wiping out Down's Syndrome, it presented the condition as a disease. This plays into perhaps the biggest and most destructive faux pas so often trotted out to argue in favour of the icy scientific advancement. Children and adults do not 'suffer with Down's Syndrome', as one would with an illness ranging from cancer to a cold.

There are not 'Down's Syndrome sufferers', nor 'Down's Syndrome patients', 'Down's Syndrome victims' nor folk 'stricken' with the condition. The sooner this narrative is set aside, the better.

An underpinning point about the condition rings true in each of these misconceptions - Down's Syndrome is often a part of a person's life, but never just the single defining part of it. If Iceland's track record stretches globally, it will regrettably be even less. As the World War 2 motivational poster parody famously decreed: Keep Calm - It's Only An Extra Chromosome.

If you would like to learn more about Down's Syndrome from some wonderful (and far more informed!) folk, or are personally looking for help, support or guidance, please visit Down's Syndrome Association, The National Down's Syndrome Society, or excellent localised groups such as Down's Syndrome North East, or the comprehensive list available on the Global Down's Syndrome Foundation's website.

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