8 Mythical Creatures Recently Spotted In Real Life

7. Dragons - Powys, Wales (2001)

Slate Quarry Wales

The Dragon that adorns the Welsh flag dates back hundreds of years to Roman emblemism and, sadly, has nothing to with any sort of local legend or folklore. Coincidentally though, the country has become something of a hot-bed for sightings of the creatures in the last few decades.

As recently as 2001, British naturalists working in a quarry in central Wales spotted a creature they described as "two and a half foot in length, serpentine dragon with four limbs and a head resembling that of a seahorse". Perhaps most fascinating of all, they reported that the creature was airborne but didn't display any obvious wings.

They observed the creature for around 4 minutes before it disappeared into one of the quarry's many adjacent caves. The story made it into a number of reports but has been largely dismissed as being fanciful. Despite this, several similar sightings of the creatures have been reported, all with consistent descriptions.

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