8 Real Places You Won't Believe Aren't Science Fiction

Stranger than fiction.

Spending our lives surrounded by Ikea furniture, bus stops and potholes can make the fantastical worlds invented by sci-fi and fantasy writers seem like a crazy, far off place.

However, the real world is a weird place (which is easy to forget when surrounded by the aforementioned potholes and bus stops) and there are some parts of it that are so wacky that they look like they're been lifted straight from the pages of your favourite book.

Whether it's a dystopian wasteland, a glittering futurescape or an enchanted forest, the real world will occasionally pull an absolute blinder and spit out a scene straight from the movies.

You could venture out into the world and see the marvellous sights ... but then you'd have to go outside and, like, talk to people, which is icky. It's much easier, cheaper and more comfortable to read about them in your room.

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