9 Real-Life Creatures That Are Definitely Pokémon

Catch This.


So, you know how you always wanted a Pokémon of your own, but the cruel adults of the world crushed your dreams with technicalities like "they don't exist" and "what about a puppy instead?".

They lied. They lied to us all.

WhatCulture Science is proud to announce that we have blown the whole conspiracy wide open and uncovered the truth: Pokémon are real, and they're all around us. People will try to tell you that you're wrong, that these are just "animals", and that it's probably time you moved into your own place anyway, but you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. You do you.

Now you can live your dream to be a trainer, stealing extraordinary creatures from the wild and forcing them into battle for your own personal glory. Like cockfighting, but with more kawaii.

So, grab some Pokéballs, because you're about to meet some of the Pokémon that have been hidden in plain (and not so plain) sight all this time.

9. Dumbo Octopus


Grimpoteuthis is a species of deep sea Pokémon, masquerading as an octopus.

Its flappy, ear-like fins give it its name, but you probably won't being seeing one fly any time soon as they prefer to stay at depths of at least 400 metres, all the way down to 4,800 metres.

It comes equipped with a water jet for making a quick getaway, and a handy harpoon, incase you were thinking of making a quick getaway.

Little is known about the Dumbo as it lives so far down, but from what we've managed to glean, it likes to trundle around the dark abyss, hoovering up tiny crustaceans and worms. In between battles of course.

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