9 Seriously Bizarre "Future Predictions" From The 1900s

Candy made from underwear, anyone?

We've always loved predicting what the future might hold, whether we do it by gazing into a crystal ball, or analysing tech trends, we just can't seem to help imagining a glittering future world.

In the 20th century in particular, people got super into this. Perhaps it was the fact that the futuristic-sounding year 2000 was approaching, but everyone began to imagine what sort of amazingly technological world their children and grandchildren might live in.

Of course, this is always risky. The thing about predicting the future, is that you open yourself up to all kinds of ridicule if you get it wrong. We often like to look back at those "world of tomorrow" pieces, with their predictions of shiny, silver clothes and flying cars, and laugh.

All of that Space Age future stuff is pretty par for the course. However, if you dig around a bit, you start to find some even more bizarre predictions that make you wonder whether all of that opium in their cough medicine might have gone to their heads.

Square fruit, drugged spouses and edible underwear were all part of the bright, new future they envisaged. Let's just be thankful that it didn't all come true.

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