9 Worst Christmas Jumpers For The Holiday Season

What not to wear this Holiday season.

There€™s no end to the amount of truly terrible Christmas-themed jumpers and sweaters on the market, all of which surely result in the opposite sex throwing themselves at the wearer, unable to contain their lust. After all, it takes a special kind of person to think donning one of these artifacts will result in laughs (with, not at you) and let everyone in the immediate vicinity know that hey, you€™re the life and soul of the party. It's fair to say that Christmas helps bring out the best aspects of society - giving, acceptance, sharing, happiness. During the holidays, everyone generally has a smile on their face, bygones are bygones and people just focus on having the best time possible. Going hand-in-hand with that happy-go-lucky philosophy, the Christmas season can also bring out the very worst in us. It seems that the only time most folks listen to WHAM! is at Christmas, along with many other cheesy-as-heck pop tunes which don't get fired up at any other point of the year. By far, chief of the Christmas naughty list clan is the infamous Xmas Jumper, the bane of many an office festive party, and the number one reason why some are still firmly virgins. That all sounds a little harsh - and it may be, Christmas jumpers are fun, right? Well, just feast your eyes on some of the monstrosities we have for you here, and that notion will be discarded with quicker than ANOTHER one of those unwanted presents from granny on Boxing Day.
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