Best Selling Christmas Number Ones

The Xmas Factor.

Christmas really is the best time of year, but who says you can only get in the spirit during holiday season? Here at WhatCulture, we pump out Xmas tunes all year round. With the likes of The Beatles, Cliff Richard, Queen and even the Spice Girls, all of whom are the only acts in history to have multiple Christmas number ones, why wouldn't you play them every chance you get?

In order to celebrate the festivities and make sure you don't suffer the January blues, why don't you head over and pick yourself up a copy of these awesome albums. After all, 33% of Christmas songs are about love, and with Valentines Day fast approaching it would make the perfect gift. Another reason to love Christmas songs is that a whopping 35% of Xmas number ones are cover songs, meaning we actually know the words to them so we can sing along to our heart's content.

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One of the biggest and most well known Christmas tunes of all time is undoubtedly Last Christmas by Wham!, but it also holds a dubious distinction of being the best selling UK single without actually making the top spot. Quite surreal, but you can change that by grabbing yourself a copy and watch it shoot up the charts. But be quick before they go go.

Of all the Christmas hits there's one in particular that gets sung on karaoke at every office party, and that is of course Fairytale Of New York. It's arguably the most popular Xmas song they is. In fact, it's so popular that it's reached the top 20 on an incredible 15 separate occasions. Although it did lose out to The Pet Shop Boys in 1987.

Grab yourself one of these great compilations now, or why not go completely mad and grab the lot. It's January after all, we all need cheering up.

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